Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the benefits of the program?

Students and local business people benefit because of the interaction between the two groups.  Students begin to learn the many skills required to start and manage a business and become aware of the vast array of career opportunities available.  Many times this “awakening” becomes the spark a student needs to plan a career path.

2. As a student, how can I participate?

Your Guidance Department is the best place to start.  In order to participate in the E Squared Competition you must enroll in one of the Career & Technical classes taking part in the competition.

3. As a parent, how can I be involved?

Encourage your student to participate in this worthwhile program.  Make sure he or she realizes that this is a unique opportunity to understand the thought process of successful business people in the community.  It is an excellent exercise in applying skills learned to real-world challenges. 

4. As a business person, how can I be involved?

There are many ways for businesses and business people to be involved.

Funding – Career Partners and its signature program, E Squared, are staffed by volunteers only.  Culpeper County provides the modest funding required for operational expenses such as insurance.  Businesses and individuals generously provide donations, 95% of which are used solely for scholarships for the winning teams. Sponsorship Form 

Coaches – Many are needed to help the teams through the rough spots they encounter.  The time commitment is minimal.

Seminar instructors – This requires a substantial time commitment, since each instructor teaches one subject to all classes.  Instructors are chosen based on the expertise needed and the ability of the person to convey the message to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Judges – Judges are needed for both the semi-finals and the finals.  Judging requires 6-8 hours of preparation and another 4-6 hours on the day of the competition.  Judges are selected based on expertise. 

If you would like to know more about Career Partners and the E Squared program contact:

President of the Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce
CEO of Career Partners, Inc.

5. As a teacher, how can I participate?

    The Career & Technical teachers involved in the E Squared program have been rewarded by the progress they witness in their students.  Participating teachers gain additional perspective on the real-world application of the skills they are teaching and benefit from the relationships established by working directly with local business people.  If you would like more information about the program please contact:

    Randi Richard-Lutz
    Career and Technical Administrator
    Culpeper County Public Schools
    (540) 825-7695


6. How can I financially support Career Partners programs such as E Squared, Maker Energy, Mock Interviews and Career Day?